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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are children not allowed at the presales?

The presales are very busy sales. Because of the large crowds and the number of items at our sales, we cannot allow children at the presales.  Anyone under 16 is considered a child for this sale- infancts. up to 12 months are allowed in carriers attached to the mother.

2. How do I become a consignor?

Register on our website by clicking on the “Register/Login” button.

3. Define “junior” or “young men’s” clothing sizes.

Junior and young men’s clothing are trendy clothes worn by teenagers. Teens tend to wear certain name brands such as (but not limited to) those listed on the “PREP” page. Please check that to make sure that your items are acceptable. Clothing must be “teen appropriate”.  We do not accept adult clothing.  If your teen won’t wear it, please don’t send it.

4. What items are not accepted at the fall sale? 

Bathing suits are not accepted. 


5. What items are not accepted at the spring sale? 

Coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, sweat suits, or any heavy fabrics such as wool and corduroy are not accepted. We will accept lightweight long sleeve dress shirts, jeans, and dress pants.


8. Do all baby items need to be on hangers? 

All clothing must be hung on hangers. It sells better if the customer can see it.


9. How do I hang sets? 

Hang the shirt on the hanger and the shorts, shirt, or pants, on the back. Do not hang one under the other.


10. How do I package shoes? 

Tie the shoes together with the shoelaces, or string/zip ties. The tag should be pinned to the buckle or shoelace. Absolutely NO plastic bags, please. Shoes in zip lock bags will be removed and not returned to the consignor. Due to the overwhelming amount of shoes consigned each sale, there is a limit of 5 pairs per consignor– no exceptions. Cleats are considered shoes and should be washed before tagging.


11. How do I package my bedding? 

Bedding sets should be in the clear plastic bag that it came in if at all possible. If that bag is not available, another clear plastic bag may be used. Put all bedding items that belong together in the same bag and seal it with clear packing tape. Tape your consignor tag to the outside of the bag.


12. How do I package my books?

The best way is to secure sets in large ziplock bags or clear packaging tape (if the covers will not rip). Please be mindful of the tape placement with books so that it does not rip once the tag and tape are removed.  

13. How do I package my puzzles? 

The best way is to use saran wrap and secure it with packaging tape. Puzzles need to have all the pieces. 


14. Do I need batteries? 

Yes. All items that need batteries must have batteries in them. The item has a better chance of selling if it has batteries in it.  Items that do not work or are missing batteries will be removed from the sale.

15. Why no straight pins or tagging guns? 

Straight pins are not safe to use and will not keep the tag on the item securely. Tagging guns are also not permitted as they do not hold tags securely.


16. Why no paper tags? 

Paper tags tear easily and tend to get separated from the item. Items without a tag cannot be sold. WHITE CARD STOCK ONLY


17. What does DO NOT ALTER TAG mean?

We will not accept tags that have crossed out consignor numbers or changed prices. Our system reads the barcode of the tag. Handwritten changes to the tag do not change the information from the barcode and therefore will not be used.  Please only change information in the system.


18. Can I check in more than once? 

Yes and No. All of your clothing items must be checked in at the same time. However, you may bring larger items at a separate time as needed. No additional “CHECK-IN” time is needed.  If you have multiple consignor numbers, please sign up for consecutive check-in appointments for each number.


19. Are limits to how much I can bring? 

You must consign at least 30 ITEMS to be considered a consignor, with a limit of 150 clothing items. Be picky about what you bring. Maternity is limited to 10 pieces and shoes are limited to 5 pairs total (not per size or gender) per consignor number. There is no limit on other items. A consignor may have multiple numbers as needed. (Please note a different email address is needed for each registration.)  There will still be a limit of 5 shoes per consignor number. No exceptions.  No amount limits for toys, baby items, etc.


20. Can a friend pick up my unsold items? 

Yes, a friend can pick up your unsold items, but he/she will need to sign for your items and know your consignor number. Mom2mom is not responsible for returning any items they leave behind.


21. What happens to my items at the end of the sale? 

Unsold items that are not picked up become the property of mom2mom and will be donated at the discretion of mom2mom.

22. When will I receive my check? 

Checks will be available at pick up. Checks will be mailed no later than two weeks after the end of the sale if they are not picked up.

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