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Virtual Sale FAQ

What is mom2mom 2 go?

This is an ONLINE ONLY sale.  It will work much like our in-person events.  You will register as a consignor paying a $10 fee (non-refundable), enter your items and a picture (only one picture per item allowed at this time), and we will sell your items through a store on our website on specific dates.  DO NOT PRINT YOUR TAGS!!!!!!!  You will ONLY tag the items that sell!  We will have specific drop-off days for you to bring your sold items and specific days for the sellers to come to pick up their orders.  Just like at our in-person events, you will receive a check for 70% of the selling price.


Will I be able to shop at a presale if I consign?

YES!  But the time frame will be limited.  The virtual sale will not last as long as an in-person event.  In order to shop for the presale, it will require a code.  This code will be emailed to the consignors 30 minutes prior to the presale event.  No code will be required when the sale opens up to the public. 


What items can I sell?

Just about anything you sell at an in-person event can be sold online, BUT, the items MUST be in EXCELLENT to NEW condition.  Because buyers cannot inspect your items before purchase, we expect YOU, the seller, to be EXTREMELY ACCURATE in your descriptions of your items.

-Limit of 400 items per consignor.

-Clothing    Any season from baby to ADULT.  (Yes, you read that right!  We are accepting adult clothing for the virtual sale ONLY.)

-Toys (must include batteries and/or be fully charged, be cleaned and include ALL pieces.)  If selling a puzzle, it should be shown put together unless it is factory sealed.  NO GRAB BAGS ALLOWED.

-Baby Items/Equipment-No Car Seats or booster seats.  Breast Pumps must be LIKE NEW and cleaned thoroughly.

-Housewares/Home Furnishing  ****Please note that there will NOT be anyone that can help you load/unload at item drop off or at order pick up so you MUST be able to move your item yourself or bring help with you.

-Shoes (Absolutely MUST be in excellent condition.  No stains, rips, tears, peeling, dirt, etc.)



-Homeschool Items And MORE!!!


Can I transfer items that don’t sell to the next “in-person” sale?  

  Yes, as long as it is an item that we allow at an “in-person” event.


How much will I make when my item sells?

You will earn the same commission you do at an “in-person” sale—70%.


Is Wee Tag available for mom2mom 2 go? 

No.  We do not offer tagging services for virtual events.


Will I be able to attach a picture with my item?

Yes!!!  You will be allowed ONE photo.  At this time, the system will only allow one picture so be sure it is a good one.  A few tips—do not use “live” photos.  Also, try to have a plain background.  For instance, lay a shirt on your kitchen counter so that it has a clean background to it to emphasize your item and not a strange print in the background.


Do I have to tag all of my items?

NO!  That is one of the best things about mom2mom 2 go.  You will ONLY tag the items that sell.  If an item does not sell, you don’t have to tag it or bring it to drop off.


How long will I have to get my sold items ready for drop off after they sell?

You will have 6-7 days to get your sold items tagged and ready to drop off.  Just like at an “in-person” sale, you will have to make an appointment to come to drop off your items.  One check-in time will work per 100 items.  That means if you have 200 items you sold, sign up for 2 check-in times.  (They can be consecutive.)  If you have 300 items that sold, you will need three check-in times.  It will be IMPERATIVE that you have ALL sold items with you at drop-off.  If you have an item that sold and you do not bring it for the buyer to pick up, you will be charged a $5 penalty per missing item.  You must sign up for a “check-in” time just like you do for an “in-person” sale.  This is the time that you will drop off your sold items.


How will I get paid for my sold items?

Buyers will pay for their selected items at the time of purchase.  mom2mom will mail out checks to you within two weeks after pick up.  Because this process is different than our “in person” sales are, no checks will be available for pick up in person.  Please make sure that the address you have on your registration in MyCM is your correct address.  That is the address that your check will be mailed to.


Is it possible to volunteer to help with mom2mom 2 go?

Not at this time.  Because this is a new process, we want to have a consistent staff every day to get through the “learning process” without having to train new people every few hours.


Important Notes about mom2mom 2 go:

  1. If an item is listed for sale, it MUST BE AVAILABLE for you to drop off.  If you are going to list an item for sale, it needs to be moved to an area where it will not get messed up or used.  ***If you list an item for sale that is not dropped off for the seller to pick up or if the item does not match the description listed, you will be charged $5 per missing/misrepresented item.   Please be considerate to your buyers!  No one wants to buy something that is not actually what was described in the ad.

  2. You will notice that the tagging categories and choices with mom2mom 2 go are going to be MUCH more specific than for our “in-person” sales.  This is because the buyer is going to be trying determine everything they can about your item since they cannot inspect it before purchase.  Absolutely NO items with holes, stains, missing buttons, etc. should be sold at a virtual event (or any mom2mom event).  These are the types of things that will incur a penalty for you as a seller if you try to drop them off to the buyers in these conditions.

  3. At this time, we only plan to hold ONE virtual event per year.  

  4. The more you tell, the more you sell!!!!  Tell everyone you know to check out the “store” when it is ready.  And, because we will be allowing adult clothing at the virtual event, this opens up a market for your friends that don’t have kids yet or their kids are older so they aren’t looking for “kid” items.


Attention Buyers:  

When you come to pick up your orders, you will be given time to inspect your order before leaving the property.  NO REFUNDS will be given once you leave the property.  Refunds are ONLY given if there is a problem with the item such as damage or it does not meet the description listed.  Buyer remorse or “I just don’t like/want it” is not an adequate reason for a refund.

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