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Sale Updates
NEW Non-Taxable Seller Procedures- CLICK TO READ
New for Fall 2023
1. Consigners will earn 65%, Wee Tag 50%, Volunteers 70%, and Breakdown team 80% of selling prices.
2. For breakdown team will no longer earn the $10 consigner fee back, but you will earn an extra 15% back which is the 80% return on selling prices.
NEW Check-in Procedures:
1. Consigners MUST bring a printed list of their inventory so that we can check to be sure the new rules and categories were correctly assigned to items. 
2.  Consigners MUST sign up for their check-in appointment time by 9 p.m. on Friday, the night before drop-off begins.  While you will still be able to tag items after 9 p.m., the option to sign up for a check-in time will lock at 9 p.m.  When consigners come to check in their items, the consigners that have arrived at their actual check-in time will be allowed to go straight to the inspection area.  Consigners that have not signed up for a check-in time or do not come at their appointment time will be asked to wait in the "stand by" line and will be only allowed to proceed to the inspection area after those with appointments have been served. 
Failure to sign up for a check-in appointment
WILL result in long wait times.



  • When registering as a volunteer please understand that we are counting on you!!!! A missed volunteer shift will result in a $10 fee being deducted from your commissions.


Referral Program:

  • If you refer someone that becomes a consignor for the FIRST time, you and that consignor get $5 added to your check. In order to receive the credit, email Natalee with your name and consignor number as well as your friend's. The new consignor must check in with at least 30 items. If you do not notify m2m at BEFORE the sale begins you will not receive the credit. 



  • Wed. $5 at the door ticket and Fri, $10 at 7 pm for half price presale


Furniture Policy: 

  • If you bring large furniture or large items such as a treadmill to sell, you MUST pick up any unsold items- even if marked donated!  If you leave large furniture items to be donated or if you fail to pick the item up, we will take a $20 removal fee PER ITEM out of your consignor check to help us cover the cost of hiring help and renting a trailer to remove it. ***exercise equipment will be considered furniture 

Curb Drop Off:

  • If you would like to truly “DROP OFF” your items.  Appointments are limited (register to see time) and you must follow several requirements:

    • Register for an Appointment online for Saturday Drop off, anytime between 9-11 a.m.

    • ALL items must be DONATED since you are not staying for inspection.

    • No large furniture can be dropped off.  This can be brought at a separate time.

    • Clothes must be sorted by gender and in size order. For example: boy size 6 must be tied or rubber-banded together

    • The Consigner fee is higher.  $10 is paid online but day of drop off you pay $5 cash for the drop-off service. Please have exact amount so we can keep the car line moving.

    • Appointments and fee is per CONSIGNOR NUMBER.  If you are dropping off for multiple friends or family or if you have more than one consignor number, you must sign up for more than one appointment and pay $5 per consignor number.


  • A minimum of 30 items is required to consign. Items deemed inappropriate by Mom2Mom (such as but not limited to:  horror movies, adult movies, VHS tapes, car seats, dirty items, adult clothing, recalled items, general stuffed animals, etc) will NOT be returned to you, but will be donated or disposed of.

  • As a reminder, we do not accept car seats or bases unless they are included in a stroller combination setup.

  • We are only accepting FIVE pairs of shoes per consignor number, no exceptions!

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